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Rain and Wind can damage your plants and waste moneyThe Pot Cradle, engineered to prevent plants from falling over, is the perfect solution to keep plants upright and firmly in their pots when a storm or howling wind is trying to blow them over. The Pot Cradle was designed by a nursery retailer to maintain his own plant displays and prevent harmful spill damage. Now the Pot Cradle can be yours!


You know the problem . . .

When you decorate your home with potted plants and flowers, a strong wind or unexpected storm can quickly turn something beautiful into an expensive mess.

Now there's a practical, affordable solution ...The Pot Cradle fits standard 3 to 5 gal. pots

the all-new Pot Cradle!

The Pot Cradle is lightweight and easy to use!

  • Eliminates damage to plants that result from blowing over
  • Protects expensive trees, shrubs & plants fitting standard 3 to 5 gal. pots
  • Saves time and effort resetting pots and cleaning up after wind spills



Simply place the Pot Cradle and fill with water!Simply place the Pot Cradle in the location of your choice...

And fill with water!

The Pot Cradle can be used with a variety of pots...

And when filled with water it provides a sturdy twenty pound anchor that protects your expensive plants and pots from blowing over.

It really works!




The Pot Cradle - for when the wind blows!

The Pot Cradle is freeze resistant and UV protected to last for years!

You know the problem!

Now you know the solution!

The Pot Cradle . . . for when the wind blows!

Order the Pot Cradle now and receive this matching pot that’s a perfect fit, absolutely free!